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This UK Insurance Directory and money saving magazine provides an excellent series of guides, articles and links to the field of money, news, loans, risk, value and savings as research journalists.  Note: Original directory articles relating to money or insurance will only be accepted.

Covering online quotes for - cars, money, mortgages, credit cards, loans, debt, banks, travel, health, life & pets.

There is much uncertainty in our daily lives. We should endeavour to mitigate our losses and expand our opportunities.

This money saving magazine directory website does not give financial advice. However, we only provide journalistic views and reviews to help our website visitors.

Always ensure that you consult an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)/Insurance Broker before taking up and signing any contracts.

Mobile Phone Insurance - Special Directory Article

Mobile phones are a must have item for most people whether for business or the home. Since there are so many new luxury mobile phones bought every year, it is important we do not loose them. Mobile phones can get damaged, lost, dropped in water or stolen.


Importantly, those who have contract phones who loose their phones will have to replace the phone from their own funds if it is not insured. The phone provider will take out a monthly contract amount from your bank account. Network providers give a free handset if you take-up a contract with them. However, since these handsets are expensive, if you loose the handset you will be personally liable and will have to pay for a replacement handset. So the handsets are not really free. You will need to take up insurance. Check the insurance policy terms particularly the exclusions and see whether it meets your personal circumstances.


Most handsets are:

-Dropped in water.

-Go around in the washing machine.

-Take a tumble on to concrete or hard surfaces.


The simplest form of cover for your phone is to add it to home contents cover policy but you need to check:

-That it includes cover away from your home.

-It covers for such events as accidental damage, theft and loss.

-What the excess is?

-When the phone will be replaced after filing a successful claim.

-Whether it will the same model and specification.

-Whether you will receive a cheque or a replacement phone.

-The replacement of the SIM card.

-Charges because of fraudulent calls.

-Whether the cover included extended warranties.


Fraudulent claims are increasing all the time and the police are aware of this. Just losing your phone and not remembering where you left it may not be a good reason for a loss and may annul your claim. Real forceable theft has to occur before the insurance company may pay out. Make sure that your insurance policy covers for loss.


RISK: If you loose you mobile and if you are on a contract you will still have to pay for the monthly contract and replace the handset at your own cost. If you have a short time left before the expiry of your contract it may not be worth claiming.



Lastly, Report your phone stolen using which applies to all UK network providers.

Mortgage Payment Protection: Special Directory Article : Payment Protection UK

British mortgage protection insurance or mortgage payment protection  (MPPI) may compensate or cover your mortgage payments in the event that you become ill, have an unexpected accident or become redundant. It is important to have income protection or payment protection to safeguard the family in the case of financial difficulties and ensure payments are made by the insurance company when the time arises. Protection for your personal casflow is important at all times.

The social security department of the government may not payment interest on your mortgage for a period of up to 9 months for mortgages taken out after 2nd October 1995. Those who have had their mortgage before 1st October 1995 will get nothing for the first eight weeks, then 50% interest payments only between nine to eighteen weeks and finally after eighteen weeks there will be 100% payment of interest on the mortgage. Capital mortgage payments will not be compensated by the government.
Payment Protection: The government:
·         May pay interest on the first £100,000.00 only.
·         May not make any payments to those with savings over £8,000.00.
·         May not pay those with their partner working 16 hours a week.
Payment Protection: MPPI:
·         Is optional.
·         Not compulsory.
·         Option to apply for accident and sickness cover only or comprehensive cover of accident sickness and unemployment (ASU).
·         Consider any benefits from your employer.
·         Cover lasts mostly 12 months.
·         Consider the excess period.
Ensure you fully understand the payment protection insurance exclusion clauses and in case of doubt consult your Independent Financial Advisor.

A leading building society or bank or your mortgage provider can repossess your home without having to take legal proceedings or approaching the courts. A considerable number of cases have occurred in the eviction of the home owner for non-payment of the mortgage.
Payment Protection: Possible cause of repossessions is:
·         Unemployment.
·         Accident.
·         Sickness.
·         Death.
·         Increases in interest rates.
Those with mortgages taken before 1st October 1995 can claim half of the allowable interest for the after 8 weeks and the full interest after 18 weeks. Those with mortgage after 2nd October 1995 will have wait nine months before interest is compensated.
If the case is dismissed by the courts the banks may still charge you a few thousand pounds of costs and if you miss three payments they may charge you fifty pounds for administration costs. Read your payment protection policy carefully.

Not all mortgage payment protection policies are equal and the following tips should be taken into account:
·         This type of payment protection is not compulsory and normally lasts 12 months only.
·         Check out the internet insurance suppliers.
·         Check out the deferment period or excess period before you can obtain any cash.
·         Check that the policy takes you back to the point of the claim.
·         Check any exclusion clauses.
·         Check the claims process.
·         Check all pre-existing medical conditions.
·         Check about your employment status.
·         Check that it is easy to cancel without excessive penalties.
·         Check that you are not tied in for the entire mortgage term.
·         Check that it may be suitable for your life style.


Mortgage Insurance Payment Protection - Safety Net
Mortgage payment  protection or unemployment insurance provides a safety net in the case that you cannot make your mortgage or loan payments due to an accident, sickness of unemployment (from your regular income); all normally beyond your immediate control. The cost of premiums may vary in accordance with the excess period of 30/60/90 days, the sum insured and the duration insured (normally 12 months).
Payment Protection insurance policy: Points to note for mortgage loan payment protection:
  • Covers the insured for a period of 12 months.
  • Is optional with your mortgage.
  • You must be permanently employed for 12 months to claim the unemployment benefit.
  • The self employed who cease trading will require proof of ceasing business from the Inland Revenue.
  • Contract workers need to have worked for greater than 12 months and have had their annual contract renewed.
  • There is right to cancel within 14 days.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions, stress and back ache may not be covered.
  • The policy will not apply:
  • If your under 18 or over 65 years of age.
  • You work less than 16 hours per week.
  • You are aware of redundancy or unemployment.
  • You have an existing illness which must be covered.
Payment Protection: What questions should you ask your mortgage or insurance provider:
  • Is mppi automatically added to my mortgage?
  • What is the premium for mppi? Compare premiums with comparison web sites.
  • What is the deferment period?
  • How long will you pay the mortgage instalments?
  • What are the exclusion clauses?
  • Can I read the full policy and keyfacts?
  • What is the cancellation period?
  • What is the refund policy?
  • Can I pay the premium by monthly direct debit?
  • What period in years does the mppi apply for?
  • If I fully pay up my mortgage will the mppi terminate as well?
  • What is your complaints procedure?
The Financial Services Authority and the Office of Fair Trading has been investigating into the high charges of mortgage payment protection. It is important that you investigate the market fully and even shop on the internet. Mortgage payment protection can be useful if you fully understand the policy terms. The services of an Independent Financial Advisor would be recommended for impartial advice. You will need to understand the exclusions and whether the policy applies to your personal circumstances.
Most mortgage payment insurance policies exclude existing medical conditions and those who are working for themselves. There is also a big difference between the highest and lowest premiums.
Mortgage payment protection policies cover for a period of normally 12 months and have an excess period of 30/60/90days. Some medical conditions will not be covered and unemployment cover has additional exclusions. While the self employed will require a proof from the Inland Revenue that their business has ceased trading. Those on contract work will need to have worked at the same place for two years and have had their contract renewed. The excess for these types of policies is normally 30/60/90 days before any payment is made. Those with medical type claims will need to provide hospital evidence for the claim to be considered.

Mortgage payment protection compensates the insured for cases of accident, sickness and unemployment for a period of up to 12 or 24 months.
This type of payment protection is useful if you are in permanent full time employment and are in reasonable good health.
Income Protection Cover: However, this insurance may not be useful if:
·         You have any pre-existing health considerations.
·         You have enough savings.
·         Your employer has a good health insurance scheme.
·         You are in part time employment, self employed or a contract worker.
It is important to remember that mortgage payment protection is optional and there is no need for you to take a policy out.
It is worth considering the advantages of mortgage payment protection, if you cannot self insure and mortgage payment protection can cover for other household expenses. 
Insurance bought through an Independent Financial Advisor may be protected in the case the insurance product is mis-sold. Always read the full terms of the payment protection insurance and all the exclusions

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If you suffer from loss of earnings as a result of injury or illness, then a payment protection plan from may ensure that you don't miss out. You may be provided with regular tax-free income on a monthly basis to help cover your living costs.


Payment Protection Directory Article

Mortgage payment protection covers your mortgage payments and other household expenses for a period of 12 or 24 months. The Insurance Purchaser is paid normally a monthly benefit due to events beyond their control such as:
·         accident
·         sickness
·         unemployment
It is important for the Insurance Purchaser to be careful of obtaining this type of payment protection insurance from the building societies and banks, as you may be paying for a policy which is considered expensive and they may not pay out when required.
So therefore for payment protection, go online on the internet and look at various providers, read their terms first, look at their premiums and also talk to your Independent Financial Advisor. Payment protection is vital for all of us.


This UK Insurance Directory provides an excellent series of guides, articles and links to the field of money, news, loans, risk, value and savings as research journalists.


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How does truck insurance work and protect me?

Trucks are expensive and need protection from theft, fire and general road side accidents. Most trucks owned by businesses of various sizes and business insurance.

How does trailer tent insurance work and protect me?

We all like our vacations or short holidays in the country side, where the children are free to play and the outdoors can be enjoyed by all.

How does tradesman’s insurance work and protect me?

All businesses need to have one or many types of insurance and it does not matter whether you a single man enterprise or a large group company.

How does taxi insurance work and protect me?

Having a taxi business is a worthwhile endevour but as most businesses have risks which must be protected. Insurance is therefore required to protect the taxi business.

How does surgery insurance work and protect me?

Operating a surgery business involves many types of insurance to consider.

How does student insurance work and protect me?

Students normally don’t have lots of money to spend on insurance and special incentives are required to make their financial circumstances a little easier.

How does shop insurance work and protect me?

Business insurance is important when you have products to sell and customers can choose which product to buy or collect.

How does structural warranty insurance work and protect me?

Structural warranty insurance is normally for a new building project, such as a self build house project.

How does self build insurance work and protect me?

A building protect involves a lot of money and the financial risks are higher.

How does rigid inflatable boats insurance work and protect me?

Boats can inherently be lost at sea and therefore are risky objects to possess. There are many types of small boats such as rigid inflatable boats that can be used on the water whether for recreation or business.

How does public liability insurance work and protect me?

It is a risk mitigation policy that where the public visits a business whether at home, shop, store, factory or warehouse, that the owner protect any harm coming to the visitors or damage to other property which they do not own.

How does public house insurance work and protect me?

Business owners who have a public house or restaurant will require insurance in place as a legal requirement.

How does prestige car insurance work and protect me?

Prestige cars are luxury cars owned by individuals, business owners and car hire companies.

How does pet insurance work and protect me?

Dogs, cats, horses, mice, birds and hamsters can be very enjoyable pets. Some people have exotic pets such as parrots.

How does office insurance work and protect me?

If you have a business, especially with an office, you will certainly have fitted expensive office equipment and furniture.

How does motor home insurance work and protect me?

A motor home is a single vehicle which will be driven by the owner and the vehicle has typically a single unit.

How does motor home insurance work and protect me?

A motor home is a single vehicle which will be driven by the owner and the vehicle has typically a single unit.

How does motor bike insurance work and protect me?

Motor bikes are important for their users and some motor bikes are rare or expensive which requires insurance to protect your investment.

How does motor trade insurance work and protect me?

A business needs insurance to survive and without insurance the chances of having a successful business will be limited.

How does minibus insurance work and protect me?

Minibus can be owned privately or many can be owned by businesses. Whichever is the case, the vehicle owner must have insurance to protect his vehicles.

How does lorry insurance work and protect me?

Large vehicles such as lorries are very expensive to purchase and the risks imposed from loss is very high to the lorry owners and the owning companies.

How does landlord insurance work and protect me?

If you are a property business owner and are letting properties for rent, you will definitely need to consider landlord insurance, which will cover the owner for fire, theft and other hazards which may happen to the property.

How does Jet Ski insurance work and protect me?

Sports equipment cannot be readily available from online comparison websites. You will need to investigate the internet for a specialist insurance broker for this type of insurance.

How does imported car insurance work and protect me?

There are many cars which have to be imported every year, due to personal reasons of for collection. These imported cars are expensive and their parts are rare to obtain.

How does home insurance work and protect me?

If you are a home owner, home insurance is a must and will stay with you as an expense until you no longer need a home.

How does hobby caravan insurance work and protect me?

The internet is a great place to find insurance brokers who specialise in insuring hobby caravans.

How does HGV insurance work and protect me?

Most businesses which rely on heavy goods vehicles (HGV) to transport their own products or customers products will need to take precautions which will minimise losses to the business and their profits.

How does health insurance work and protect me?

If we don’t have our health, we cannot function well and our potential to lead a good long life will be diminished. Private health insurance is an option available to those who can afford it.

How does business goods transit insurance work and protect me?

Businesses are of many types but without goods they don’t have a way to make money by selling to customers. Goods have to be carried from one place to another, from the factory to the warehouse or the shop.

How does spectacle or eye glasses insurance work and protect me?

If you didn’t know, there is insurance available for those occasions when your expensive prescription sunglasses or ordinary eye spectacles go a miss or are damaged by some unfortunate accident beyond your normal control.

How does fleet vehicle insurance work and protect me?

Whether you are an individual or a business having many vehicles, protecting your investment is important together with obeying the law.

How does exotic bird insurance work and protect me?

Having pets at home is quite common and in some homes when the owner can afford it, they may buy exotic animals and birds. These owners may keep exotic animals as pets, such as birds, for the sake of their enjoyment or for their children.

How does driver instruction business insurance work and protect me?

Business insurance for driving instructors is important to ensure that the lesson or instruction is covered against things happening which is not his fault at all

How does pet liability insurance work and protect me?

Some pets especially dogs can cause harm to people and property. The owner of these types of large pets will need to insure that any claims by third parties for damage, bites and personal injuries can be defended by insurance.

How does dog grooming business insurance work and protect me?

Running a pet care business such as dog grooming requires certain types of insurance to be taken as part of your business expenses. Insurance is essentially a risk minimization exercise in order to reduce your losses.

How does dental insurance work and protect me?

Dental insurance is important for all of us and we must consider the best dental plans on the market. The various dental plans are not all the same and a comparison should be made.

How does courier insurance work and protect me?

Get the ultimate guide to cheaper courier insurance. Learn about cheaper courier insurance in 3 minutes flat. Cheaper courier insurance tips to save money. How can I get cheaper courier insurance?

How does commercial vehicle insurance work and protect me?

Get the ultimate guide to cheaper commercial vehicle insurance. Learn about cheaper commercial vehicle insurance in 3 minutes flat. Cheaper commercial vehicle insurance tips to save money. How do I get cheaper commercial vehicle insurance?

How does classic car insurance work and protect me?

Get the ultimate guide to cheaper classic car insurance. Learn about cheaper classic car insurance in 3 minutes flat. Ultimate cheaper classic car insurance tips to save money online.

How does landlords insurance work and protect me?

If you own a property to let or rent whether it’s a home or office or some kind of industrial premises insurance should be the second expenditure after paying the loan on the property.

How does caravan insurance work and protect me?

There are normally two types of caravans: Static, which you don’t take on the road; Touring, which you tow with a car or a van

How does chauffer insurance work and protect me?

Chauffer insurance should be obtained from specialist insurance broker who understands the business and its legal insurance implications

How does cattery insurance work and protect my pet?

Having a business will require legal and essential insurances in order to look after other peoples’ animals. Caring after many cats and having to manage a business is not easy.

How does camper van insurance work and protect me?

Most camper vans have to be insured independently similar to the car counter part. As a car insurance policy, camper van insurance covers the owner or business for eventualities ...

How does business insurance work and protect me?

When setting up a business. Advice from your local insurance broker should be sought as to whether which combinations of insurance policies are mandatory and which are optional. Legal responsibility makes the following types of insurance compulsory:

How does construction and building insurance work including protecting me?

When planning on having any major construction or building work being carried out, insurance is essential due to the amount of money involved in having the construction works carried and paying professional fees. If anything goes, it could be very expensive to resolve.

How does boat insurance work and protect me?

Insurance of boats is important to protect our investment. Boats should be insured as soon as possible when you have purchased it, whether the boat is new or a second user version.

How does 4 x 4 car insurance work and protect me?

Many people prefer to have a larger car for those times when your family or business needs to have more room for luggage or storage needs. These heavy duty 4 x 4 cars can be fun to use and you can be prepared for that adventure you always promised yourself. The prices of second user 4 x 4 vehicles are now quite reasonable.

How does american car insurance work and protect me?

American car insurance - Article on American car insurance - Insurance for your American car

How does trade insurance alarm installations work amd protect me?

Trade insurance alarm installations - Specialist trades and companies will require normally a few types of insurance

Van and car insurance with convictions or accident records

Many people have some sort of motoring (car or van) convictions. These car and van accidents normally result ins an insurance claim by onside or the other side, with some witnesses involved. Whether the claim may be minor or major right-off, your future insurance premiums will be affected. Your no claims bonus may also be affected, unless you have a no claims protection option.

Motorbike insurance with convictions or accident records

Those who have existing convictions or accident records can apply for motorbike insurance. It is best to search the internet using the keyword “motorbike insurance conviction accidents”. This will list a number of insurance brokers who can provide you with a quotation. The insurance company or brokers have standard set of questions for different types of insurance policies and this insurance risk management will allow them to provide the right amount of premiums taking into account your personal

What is insurance?

What is insurance and why do I need it?

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