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How does shop insurance work and protect me?

Date Added: November 18, 2011 10:41:38 AM
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How does shop insurance work and protect me?

Business insurance is important when you have products to sell and customers can choose which product to buy or collect. This way customers, may come to your store or shop to purchase items which they need. In turn, the owner will need insurance to protect the goods, contents, furnishings and the property.

The business owner will require various types of insurance to protect against:

•    Fire
•    Injuries
•    Protection for the public and customers
•    Protection to the property
•    Theft
•    Third party liabilities

Most business will require:

•    Accidental damage insurance
•    Books debt insurance
•    Breakdown insurance
•    Building insurance
•    Business interruption insurance
•    Car insurance
•    Contents insurance
•    Gap insurance
•    Legal expenses insurance
•    Product liability insurance
•    Property insurance
•    Public liability insurance
•    Trade credit insurance
•    Van insurance

All insurance policies must be read carefully especially for the exclusions to the policy. Read these exclusions carefully. Once you receive your insurance policy have it checked for any errors and have these errors amended as soon as possible but these corrections should take place within 14 days.

To find cheap quotations, it is best to go to a reliable insurance broker who will be able to provide assistance from their many years of working with their business clients.

Adjust the excess to see if the premiums result in any additional savings.

Read the shop insurance term and conditions carefully and store the documents in an easy to find place.
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