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Handbook for Dental Hygienists by W. J. N. Collins MSc BDS FRSRCPS(Glas), Trevor F. Walsh DDS BDS MSc FDSRCS(Eng), and Keith H. Figures MDS BDS FDSRCS(Edin) (Paperback - 22 Dec 1998)

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Dental insurance

Dental insurance plans are available as a comprehensive dental care insurance service for groups, companies, families and individuals. By using the internet, you will be able to obtain dental insurance quotes from the top UK insurance companies and save money.

There are many websites to compare dental quotes and you can search for a range of private dental insurance plans. This will ensure that you will be able to find the right insurance policy before you buy. Some dental plans have a cash back service, which are worth investigating. Other insurance providers are giving free gifts and gift cards. Dental insurance can be available as a complete package for private or NHS treatment that can provide cover single adults, couples and families. There are services available for cosmetic dentistry and there are dental plans on offer to access these high quality treatments.

Online quotes are available and further information on UK dental insurance can be accessed at any time over the internet.

Looking after your teeth from a young age is very important and if great care is not taken your teeth can start decaying, may lead to gum disease and you may require very expensive dental treatment. It is important that dental insurance is considered as part of your health insurance scheme, as the cost for dental care can be quite expensive. We all need to take care of our teeth, keep them healthy and time will be needed in attending the dentists practice for regular checkups. If self care is taken early, dental insurance may not be expensive in the long term.
What does dental insurance cover? It covers for regular visits to the dental hygienist, provision of xrays, teeth cleaning, examinations and dental work. Good looking clean teeth give us extra confidence, make us smile more often, stop bad odours and make us want to care for our teeth.  Regular cleaning of the teeth will also ensure our bodily systems are working well and that we will be in the best of health.

Who are dental plans aimed for?
• Family plans
• Private plans
• Group company plans for employees of organisations.

What are the limitations of dental insurance cover?
• Examination only.
• Examination and cleaning.
• Examination, cleaning and dental treatment.

Types of dental care plans:
• Tooth whitening cover, may not available in the UK.
• Dental implant cover, covers the cost of artificial teeth and implants.
• Dental maintenance cover, either paid annually or monthly for dental treatment.
• Dental care insurance cover, includes the cost of attending the dentist for routine appointments and emergency appointments.
• Business dental plans, depends on the group policy and cover chosen.
• Childrens dental cover, cover for groups of children for instance at private schools.

In some areas of the UK, it has been difficult to find NHS dentists as most dentists now operate as private businesses. Some NHS dentists are quite busy and may not be able to take on further patients. NHS treatment is normally available free up to the age of 18 or 19 if in full time education and free to pregnant women until the child is over one year old.  NHS treatment is also free to the registered unemployed and those on special benefits.

Some dental policies have restrictions, which must read and understood:
• Cover may have a maximum upper limit.
• Payment may not be paid immediately.
• Only certain types of treatment may be covered.
• Not visiting your dentist regularly may invalidate your dental insurance policy.

Money saving Tips for Dental Insurance

  • Dental insurance plans can cover the family's requirements.
  • Check all the different types of plans.
  • Check if there is an excess on your dental policy.
  • Check what is covered and not covered by your dental policy.
  • Check what the maximum payout for dental insurance is.
  • Dental floss everyday.
  • Does it cover cost of check-ups.
  • Does it cover the family and is there anything it does not cover.
  • Fluoride toothpaste is common for most people without allergies.
  • Get a few quotations and compare them.
  • Is there a waiting period.
  • Is there any limitations.
  • Overseas procedure may be more economical for major dental work.
  • Read the inclusions and exclusions properly.
  • The maximum recommended time for the life of a toothbrush is 2-3 months.
  • Two times a day brush your teeth well.


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