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Group Insurance

Group insurance by insurance companies is cover ideally suited to small and large size companies involving the liability minimisation of the company owners. Insurance can cover such things as health, minibus, cars, coaches, buses, haulage vehicles, taxis and general commercial insurance.

The whole group is covered rather than individuals under one combined group policy. So individuals may not have to declare anything which was pre-existing.

The costs per head of these group insurance schemes are normally lower, since the administration of these policies is simpler and more economical than individual ones. The upper limits of cover can be classed as good and the number of exclusions may be lower.  The group policies are normally issued by the company to all employees.

Such group insurance schemes can equally apply to new and existing employees. These employees should read and study the policy documents in detail. If there are any questions, they should be referred to the company policy administrator. The premiums paid by everyone may be the same but those who do not claim may have wasted their money.

Since these types of policies are administered by the company, the existing policy may be abandoned in the favour of a better policy which has come onto the market place. When a new policy has been issued by the company, study the policy carefully and ask any relevant questions.

 These type of policies are not completely free and the taxman may want to know exactly what benefits you have been receiving. The tax man will make the appropriate deductions from your wages.

Group insurance policies can apply to:
• Partnerships
• Charities
• Companies
• Small and large businesses

Group insurance policies may cover for instance:
• Travel insurance
• Car insurance
• Health care
• Dental care
• Eye tests

Group insurance policies are not normally fixed and can change from period to period without to notice.


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