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House Insurance

House insurance is a critical insurance that we cannot do without. Also, sometimes referred to as house or buildings or household or condo or property insurance. If you have a mortgage, the mortgage provider normally insures the home as part of the mortgage package. Generally, house insurance policies and cover is available to all house owners. If you are over fifty, savings of up to twenty five percent are offered online. You can obtain an instant quote as well online and find out how much you can save from house insurance comparison websites. There are some insurance providers who will give you up to six months free cover and this enables you to drive down the cost of home insurance cover. Landlords insurance is available for single or multiple buildings at generous discounts from various insurance companies.

Some insurance agents and insurance providers are offering twenty percent off your house insurance quotes when you first take up the insurance and then rising to a fifty percent discount, if you haven’t claimed within five years of taking up your insurance policy. Flexible insurance coverage is available and you only need to pay for the cover that you need. You can also combine house insurance with contents insurance and may be save even more money by obtaining competitive combined house insurance quotes. There are insurance agents who will provide twelve months of cover for the price of nine months, with further discounts if you shop online for your insurance. You can also obtain holiday home insurance and second house insurance, whether the property is in the United Kingdom or abroad mainly in Europe.

House insurance is very important as the value your property can be quite substantial compared to your monthly or annual income. This requires the mortgage provider to insist on the owner taking up home insurance to protect the outstanding mortgage. Your house is your greatest investment and house insurance gives you protection in the case of fire or other damage which may occur to it. Such insurance will protect your financial liabilities.

House insurance protects the home owner against:
• Damage to the structure
• Damage to external fences
• Damage due to adverse weather
• Damage due to fire
• Damage due to theft

Note must be taken of any exclusions or restriction to your insurance policy by reading and understanding the policy terms and conditions. Separate insurance cover may be needed in the case of your house being in a flood risk zone or being in an earthquake area. If in doubt phone your insurance broker or insurance company earlier rather then later. Wear and tear of the structure and its maintenance are normally excluded from house insurance policies. It is therefore up to the home owner to make sure that your house is maintained to a high standard in order not to invalidate your claim.

The mortgage company may insist that you take a mortgage with them, but you can purchase your home insurance from another insurance provider. It is not compulsory that you take up home insurance with your mortgage company. This gives you great flexibility in comparing the market for the best deal and insurance features. If you go online, you will be able to obtain multiple home insurance quotes and compare these insurance policies.

Some houses have external out buildings within the property boundaries such as garages, sheds and greenhouses. These will normally be covered by the home insurance policy. f your property is damaged and you are required to live in a hotel, the insurance policy may pay for your hotel costs, catering costs and similar expenditure.

Also, if an accident occurs on your premises or house, the insurance company will have given liability protection as part of your insurance policy. This will ensure that if anyone is hurt on your premises, the insurance company will have insured a personal injury risk and could take care of the medical costs.

Benefits of house insurance:
• Protects against natural disasters
• Protects against man-made unnatural events

What about combine buildings and contents insurance? House and contents insurance can be taken up separately or combined with house insurance covering:

• Electrical equipment
• Furniture
• Jewellery
• Money
• Clothing
• Bicycles
• Mobile phones
• Music players
• Freezer contents
• And lots more.

Inform the insurance company if are conducting any business ventures from home.

Money saving Tips for House Insurance

  • Combined building and contents insurance may be a money saver, also compare building and contents insurance as separate policy premiums.
  • Do a bit of negotiating.
  • Don't obscure your house due to trees and bushes as thieves may think it is an easy target.
  • Fit smoke alarms and have fire extinguishers near the kitchen.
  • Have a neighbour hood watch scheme sticker in the window.
  • Keep claims to a minimum.
  • Keep items in a lockable safe.
  • Keep trees away from your property.
  • Keep you prior claims to a minimum.
  • Leave enough time to consider you insurance police terms or other contractual terms carefully, best not take the first offer.
  • Make sure that windows have locks and doors have deadlocks
    which can only be opened with a key.
    Obtain a few different quotations with different excess limits.
  • Obtain a good security alarm system.
  • Over-insuring may increase your premium.
  • Pay yearly rather than monthly to save.
    Replace locks to a new house or a property you are moving into or renting.
  • Smoking, drinking and keeping pets may affect the premiums.
  • The internet is a good source for quickly getting quotes.
  • Think about claiming for minor issues.
  • Trim trees and bushes regularly.
  • Use a safe in the house for your valuables and other high value items should be stored at the bank.
  • Water pipes should be lagged and know where the water stop tap
    is - turn off the water if away from the house for a long period.
  • Your mortgage provider may have higher charges for home insurance.

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