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Insurance Tips

Insurance Tips for Insurance Policies

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Insurance Tips

1 Breakdown Insurance Tips

Ensure that you have the correct car breakdown cover that suits your circumstances - home breakdown - roadside breakdown -
recovery - replacement car - hire car.
Ensure that you obtain trailer assist cover – if you have a trailer.
Get a first aid box and a small fire extinguisher for the car.
In winter carry a shovel and a small bag of grit.
Keep a bottle of drinking water in the car.
Go on a first aid course, if you carry out a lot of driving and/or have a family.

2 Car Insurance Tips

Add a woman to the policy – women are considered to be safe drivers.
Add a person who has already being driving for a while to the insurance policy.
Add an older person to your policy.
Always make your children wear their seat belts.
Always wear your seat belts front and rear.
Annual payment of premiums works out cheaper.
Any changes to your insurance policy - name, address,modifications and where the vehicle is parked - must be reported to the broker immediately; otherwise there is the possibility that a claim may not be paid.
Ask your credit card company what is covered when renting a car in terms of insurance.
Ask your insurance provider as to what is exactly covered if renting a car.
Be honest and don't get blacklisted.
Buying a cheap car may result in lower premiums.
Buying a one-year or two-year-old car is a lot more economical as most of the negative equity has occurred already.
Check that a courtesy car is included, if your car is in for repairs.
Check which insurance group from 1 to 20 your car is in.
Choices of cover for your car are:
- Third Party only.
- Third Party fire and theft.
- Comprehensive.
Choose a car with less CO2 emissions.
Combine car insurance with contents or home insurance to save.
Complete a Pass Plus test.
Do not eat or drink while driving.
Do not have too many young drivers on your insurance policy under the age of 25.
Do not modify your car as this may increase the cover required.
Don't claim for rather minor items.
Drinking alcohol and driving is not recommended.
Engine capacity may affect your premiums.
Ensure your car has an insurance industry recommended security device fitted.
Fitting special and expensive wheels may increase theft.
For expensive cars, fit a tracker device.
Fuel consumption may be a lot better if your drive below the legal road limits.
Get a quotation for protected bonus scheme as this may save on your premiums.
Get different quotes for voluntary excess.
Have all car equipment professionally installed.
Have less named drivers on your policy, it may save you money.
Have you or your partner named on the policy only.
High performance cars have higher premiums and an increased chance of theft.
If you are using the car for business use, make certain that it is covered.
If you do not need legal expenses cover or replacement car cover - don't take it up.
If you drive another car tell the broker.
If you have a low value car, it may be reasonable to insure it for third-party insurance only.
If you have more than one car ask, the broker to give you the same no claims discount.
Insurance companies tend to charge much more, if modifications have been made.
It is better to have a driving license at an early age and may lower your premiums if you have enough years of driving experience.
Less powerful cars are easier to insure.
Low annual mileage may result in lower premiums and the tell the broker your estimate of annual mileage and say add 15% more as you do not want the mileage to be exceeded - you may not get paid.
Make sure that you are not already covered for driving a hire vehicle as part of your insurance policy.
Make sure you have enough driving experience.
Middle lanes on the motorway are for overtaking.
Modified cars have higher insurance premiums and an increased chance of theft.
Naming drivers under 25 on your policy may increase the premium, so try to avoid this.
No-claims bonus amount – get it right, and make sure you have proof of it when you go to your next insurance company.
Not using the air-conditioning can save money.
Obtain a number of quotes and a re-quote if renewing annually.
Off-road parking or in lockable garage may save money.
Optionally, if you agree to a higher excess the premium may be cheaper.
Pay annually.
Search the internet for those giving special student discounts for car insurance.
See if you can get a low mileage discount.
Some clubs, professional bodies have special discounts.
Some high performance cars and modified cars may not be able to be insured.
Some imported cars may carry higher premiums.
Speeding tickets and points on your license may affect your premium.
State your no claims years when getting a car insurance policy.
Taking a Pass Plus training course can save premium money.
Talking on a mobile is a hazard.
Tell the broker about all modifications and list them all-out.
Tell the broker honestly if your car may be parked on the road in some occasions or all the time.
Tell the broker how the car is being used personal, two driver, multidriver or business.
Tell the broker that who you are living with.
Tell the broker where your car may be parked:
- on road.
- off-road.
- locked garage.
Tell the insurance broker about any alarms.
Tell the insurance broker of immobilizers.
Tell the insurer of any existing medical conditions.
Tell your broker of any driving convictions and points.
Tell your broker of any outstanding claims.
Thatcham 1 or 2 are the preferred car alarm systems.
The correct value of your car should be stated and ask the broker how this should be worked out.
The status of marriage or living with a partner can influence your policy premiums.
There are normally savings on the insurance premium to be made for those have Advanced Driving qualifications.
There may be discounts for older drivers.
Try the internet comparison sites.
Using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous.

When going abroad take with you your Green Card, passport, warning triangle, tools, registration documents, insurance
certificate, tow rope, high visibility waist coat and first aid kit.
car insurance When tired have a reasonable break and something to eat/drink.
Women may obtain a better premium.
Your type of work or job may affect your premium.

3 Caravan Insurance Tips

Ask the broker about - valuables stored in the caravan, the excess, voluntary excess, third-party or new for old, storm damage, using abroad in Europe, emergency accommodation provision etc.
Chain or lock the caravan to the drive concrete or bollard or something large which cannot be moved.
Fit a CRiS tagging system as a security feature.
Do not store valuables in the caravan.
Have a burglar alarm fitted or other security device.
Store the caravan at home on the drive.
Store your caravan registration documents at home.
Take photographs of your caravan inside and outside.
Try to obtain a new for old caravan insurance policy.
Use a CaSSOA approved storage site.
Use approved hitchlocks and wheel clamps or similar devices.
Use an approved tracking device – gps or similar.

4 Critical Insurance Tips

Take out life insurance if your have a family.
Income protection may have better compensation.
Mortgage payment protection policies are considered to have better payouts.
Ensure that you declare all your previous illnesses - otherwise you may not be paid.
Consult an approved Independent Financial Advisor.

5 Dental Insurance Tips

Dental insurance plans can cover the family's requirements.
Check all the different types of plans.
Check if there is an excess on your dental policy.
Check what is covered and not covered by your dental policy.
Check what the maximum payout for dental insurance is.
Dental floss everyday.
Does it cover cost of check-ups.
Does it cover the family and is there anything it does not cover.
Fluoride toothpaste is common for most people without allergies.
Get a few quotations and compare them.
Is there a waiting period.
Is there any limitations.
Overseas procedure may be more economical for major dental work.
Read the inclusions and exclusions properly.
The maximum recommended time for the life of a toothbrush is 2-3 months.
Two times a day brush your teeth well.

6 Event Insurance Tips

Avoid areas that would lead to trips and slips.
Carry out a full risk appraisal to lower your premiums.
Do not minimise your insurance budget and cover.
Ensure that you have your own terms and conditions to give to subcontractors, exhibitors and delegates.
Ensure that you take proper legal advice for all contractual matters.
Read all the clauses of your insurance contract to make sure that everything is covered.
Take out insurance against reduced people attending due to
weather, travelling delays etc.
Take out legal expenses insurance cover.
Take out public liability insurance £2m for a single occurrence.
Take out your insurance policy early and read it carefully.

7 Holiday Insurance Tips

Are you insured to drive abroad.
Buy your travel money from your bank and not at the airport.
Do not use credit cards for cash withdrawals as interest rates can
be high.
Get different quotes for different amounts of voluntary excess.
Keep all your receipts from purchases when travelling abroad just
in case you need to claim.
Mobile phone call and text message charges are expensive when
used abroad.
Park you car in a secure place while on holiday.
Use sterling on an airplane to avoid exchange rate differences.
Use of a credit card abroad could work out to be more expensive.

8 Home Insurance Tips

Combined building and contents insurance may be a money saver, also compare building and contents insurance as a separate policy premiums.
Do a bit of negotiating.
Don't obscure your house due to trees and bushes as thieves may think it is an easy target.
Fit smoke alarms and have fire extinguishers near the kitchen.
Have a neighbour hood watch scheme sticker in the window.
Keep claims to a minimum.
Keep items in a lockable safe.
Keep trees away from your property.
Keep you prior claims to a minimum.
Leave enough time to consider you insurance police terms or other contractual terms carefully, best not take the first offer.
Make sure that windows have locks and doors have deadlocks
which can only be opened with a key.
Obtain a few different quotations with different excess limits.
Obtain a good security alarm system.
Over-insuring may increase your premium.
Pay yearly rather than monthly to save.
Replace locks to a new house or a property you are moving into or renting.
Smoking, drinking and keeping pets may affect the premiums.
The internet is a good source for quickly getting quotes.
Think about claiming for minor issues.
Trim trees and bushes regularly.
Use a safe in the house for your valuables and other high value items should be stored at the bank.
Water pipes should be lagged and know where the water stop tap
is - turn off the water if away from the house for a long period.
Your mortgage provider may have higher charges for home insurance.

9 Insurance Tips

Ask your insurer to explain guaranteed issue policies.
Ask your insurer to explain what full cover means.
Be honest and accurate.
Check existing cover already in position.
Get a few quotes – check inclusions, exclusions and claims form.
Getting travel insurance from travel agents may be expensive.
Increase your voluntary excess, if you can afford it.
Install approved security devices.
Lower mileage cars have lower premiums.
Pay annually rather than monthly to save.
Read the policy carefully and cancel within 14 days - if your are not happy.

10 Landlord Insurance
Have a good quality alarm fitted.
Increase your excess to reduce your premiums.
Insure the building cost reflects the rebuilding cost.
Place all your properties in a consolidated single policy.
A professional tenant should be the first choice of suitable person.

11 Life Insurance Tips

A non-smoker with normal weight may have a better premium.
Ask your insurer to explain having a life policy with critical cover and a guaranteed premium.
Ask your insurer to explain the difference between critical and terminal illness.
Ask your insurer to explain the difference between joint life policy and individual life policies.
Ask your insurer to explain the difference between life assurance and life insurance.
Ask your insurer to explain the difference between whole-of-life insurance and term insurance.
Ask your insurer to explain the difference in premiums between renewable and guaranteed life policies.
Calculate the maximum cover accurately.
Carefully study all the inclusions and exclusions.
Check what your employer already has included.
Check whether there is any provision with your current employer.
Check you policy is still good value every few years.
Consider school fees or home assistance as part of the life
insurance package.
Ensure that you are covered for terminal illness.
Ensure that you obtain life cover as a trust to save inheritance tax.
Ensure that your children are covered.
Exercise guaranteed insurability option as your personal circumstances change.
Have adequate cover.
Have the cover that you require, do not over buy.
Inform your insurer about all medical conditions that you have suffered in the past.
Instead of a joint policy obtain two single policies.
It is important to comply with the non-disclosure clause, tell everything.
Make a of list of conditions under which policies may pay out or not pay out.
Make sure terminal illness cover is included.
Make sure that critical illness includes cover for children.
Mortgage life insurance pays the mortgage balance.
Obtain additional quotes.
Term insurance comes in three forms - level, decreasing and renewable.
Two single policies may be worthwhile.
Use your guaranteed insurability option as circumstances at home.

12 Mortgage Insurance Tips

It is your choice to take out protection insurance, if your need it.
Consult an Independent Financial Advisor.
Ensure that you understand all the terms and exclusions.
It is optional and you can shop elsewhere.
Payment protection insurance protects your outgoings such as loans, credit cards, cases of accident, sickness and unemployment. Make sure you have the correct policy and cover.
mortgage insurance Read the policy terms before accepting it.

13 Motor Bike Insurance Tips

Annual payments are better than monthly direct debit.
Ask about legal expenses cover.
Ask the broker if any increase in excess may lower the premium.
At the end of the annual insurance get some comparable quotations, do not always renew with your existing insurance provider.
A Bikesafe course may reduce your premium, ask the broker.
Carefully read the insurance policy before taking up the insurance policy.
Chain you bike to something heavy or around a pillar or column.
Check out the differences between - comprehensive cover.
- third-party fire and theft.
- third-party only.
Check whether you have 'riding other motorcycles' cover.
Check whether you have 'Road Traffic Act cover'.
Check whether the motorbike may be covered while it is parked away from the owners premises.
Consider finishing a 'advance rider training course'.
Increase your motor bike riding experience.
Find a specialist motor bike broker.
Obtain a few motor bike insurance quotations and read the policies.
Obtain additional insurance protection for your no claims discount and have it added to your policy.
Obtain quotes for different levels of excess.
motor bike insurance Have an approved alarm fitted and tell the broker that you have an immobiliser fitted as well.
Having a few years of no-claims bonus may save money.
If the motor bike is cheap, consider third-party insurance.
If you are travelling abroad tell you broker.
Invest into personal accident cover.
Invest into breakdown cover.
Keep in locked garage or off-road.
Tell the broker how many years you have been riding.
Low mileage riding may save money.
Make sure that your policy comes with free legal cover or low priced legal cover.
Check and see if a temporary replacement motorbike is included in the policy.
Pay annually rather than monthly to save on your premiums.
Storing in a garage may save money.
Tell the broker about all modifications to the motorbike.
Tell the broker how much mileage you do as lower mileage may result in a lower premium.
Tell the broker where the motorbike is stored, which my also lead to a better premium.
The size of the motor bike engine may have a direct effect on the premium.
Use only named drivers.
Whether you are married or have a partner may affect the premium.

14 Payment Protection Insurance Tips

Get plenty of quotes, read the policies and exclusion clauses before signing on the dotted line.
Investigate protection insurance on the internet to save on your premiums.

15 Personal Insurance Tips

Insurance policies have an excess amount and ask the broker what may be the premium for a higher excess.
Annual travel insurance is more economical than individual travel insurance policies if travelling abroad a few times in a year.
personal insurance Buy life building, contents and income protection insurance from the internet it may be more economical.
Credit card debt should be paid as soon as possible.
Obtain term life insurance for your mortgage.
Put the maximum amount of money into your company pension.
Buy a home as early as you can afford it.
Have some money saved in a tax efficient ISA.
Obtain financial planning advice from an Independent Financial Advisor who takes a fee.
Having warranties on low value gadgets (say under £50.00) may not a good idea.
Life insurance premiums are usually better value when the stock market is dropping.
Make sure you can read the policy terms before you buy the insurance policy.
Don't take the brokers word for it, check things out personally or through an Independent Financial Advisor.
Once you receive the policy documents read them thoroughly so you can cancel within the first 14 days.
Negotiate the premiums with the broker if the premiums look too high.
Phone around and go on the internet so you can compare a few quotations.
Travel insurance may be best bought from the internet and read their insurance contract online.

16 Short-term Insurance Tips

Take out temporary car cover, if it is not your car.

17 Ski Insurance Tips

A minimum cover of £2000 should be allowed for loss of baggage and other valuables.
A minimum cover of £2m should be allowed for medical emergencies and personal liability.
Ask for an explanation of off-piste and going into an off-piste area accidentally.
Ask if the policy covers for delays and what delays are covered.
Check if the policy covers any fun activities.
Ensure that your children's school has insurance cover.
Evacuation insurance is critical.
Make a list of activities you or your group may be doing and make sure these are covered by your holiday insurance policy.
Make certain that the policy cover for travelling above certain altitude.
Make certain that your policy covers for legal expenses.
Make sure the correct duration of the policy is chosen such as days, weeks, months or annual.
Some insurance policies may not payout if there is extreme adverse weather conditions or acts of god.
Take out a minimum of £2m personal liability cover.
When you are abroad for a long period, make certain that your compensation limit matches.
Where the policy is annually based, a home visit must be made
within 12 months, this should be checked with the passport office.
Check whether some activities need a guide.

18 Student Insurance Tips

Annual prices may vary.
Don't smoke.
Get driving experience early.
If you have a family car, have your name added as an additional driver; this may aid in the start of the 'no claims period'.
Obtain a driving license in your early years.
Read the policy before you decide.
Third-party insurance can be cheaper for a car which is not very expensive; a new car should be fully insured with comprehensive cover.

19 Taxi Insurance Tips

Check about radio and sat nav cover.
Check about glass cover.
Check about courtesy car policy.
Check about protected no-claims bonus.
Increase your voluntary excess to save money.
Owner of the taxi can insure at lower premium.
Your taxi experience will be taken into account.

20 Travel Insurance Tips

A no claims discount may save money.
Accidental damage cover may not be required in all cases.
Also ensure that you are covered for legal expenses.
Always contact the Emergency Service and find out what you need to do to protect the way your insurance policy works.
Always keep your luggage in sight and tie something to the handles to distinguish it from other peoples’ bags.
Annual multi-trip policies are cheaper if you are going on holiday a few times a year.
Annual policies are cheaper for regular travellers. If travelling longer than 31 days annually, obtain a 'backpacker' policy. Annual policies may have a maximum of 31 days of cover.
Any items damaged at the airport should be reported to the airport representative.
Ask the police for an incident report number.
Avoid drinking tap water unless it is safe.
Avoid obtaining insurance from a high street establishment, look at the internet and comparison sites.
Avoid very cold or iced drinks.
Best to avoid unnecessary cover.
Cancel newspapers.
Cancel the milk.
Carry some UK currency.
Carry travellers cheques/checks in dollars.
Check if motoring insurance has been included in your travel policy.
Check joint insurance or family insurance includes for travelling individually.
Check that all your children are covered and named on the policy.
Check that group is covered.
Check that the insurance covers for all holiday activities.
Check that the policy covers for all your holiday valuables.
Check that the policy covers legal expenses and personal liability for damage to property or others.
Check that the travel insurance policy includes all the activities and holiday sports you may be carrying out - parachuting, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, micro gliding etc.
Check the age of your children and whether they are covered.
Check the difference between and annual policy and a single policy.
Check what is included in your existing home contents policy for taking valuables abroad.
Discounts from travel insurance are available for those who exclude valuable or electronic items from their travel policy.
Check what is the maximum period you can be out of the country for the insurance.
Check when the cancellation cover begins.
Check when the cover may start and end.
Check whether the cancellation cover is adequate.
Check whether you can obtain full compensation if things go wrong.
Check with your doctor if you need vaccinations.
Cover should be obtained for missed flights, cancellation, delays, passport loss and legal costs.
Credit cards insurance may not cover as much as a full holiday insurance policy.
Do not accept to carry other people’s luggage.
Do not keep all your money in one place.
Do not leave anything visible in your car.
Do not leave travel insurance as the last thing to do.
Do not leave your travelling luggage or valuables where you cannot see them.
Do not travel anywhere aboard without insurance.
Do not wear expensive jewellery or watches.
Drink bottled or boiled water.
Ensure that the insurance covers you for the full holiday or period of travel.
Ensure that the travel insurance has £1million for Europe and £2m for other destinations.
Ensure that there is 24 hours emergency call cover.
Ensure that you leave your travel plans with family and friends.
Ensure that you observe the local traditions and way of life.
Ensure that your report any thefts as soon as possible to the police or the hotel or the holiday agent.
- Ask the police for an incident report number.
- Any items damaged at the airport should be reported to the airport representative.
Ensure you make copies of your passport and give them to a friend. Always keep additional photocopies of all the passports at
Get a European Health Insurance Card form the Post Office if travelling in Europe, cover emergency treatment only and does not provide for full treatment.
European Health Insurance Card criteria:
- Applies to those who live in the United Kingdom.
- You need to be 16 or over.
- Does not apply to those living in the Isle of Man.
- Provides free or low cost medical care.
- Check whether you may need full travel insurance as well.
Find out everything about making claims before you go on holiday.
In the case of a claim abroad keep all your receipts.
For those going on skiing trips, evacuation insurance is critical.
Give your age as older customers may not be able to obtain insurance.
Give yourself enough time to read the policy.
Group travel policies are more economical.
Have a green card to drive in Europe.
Have house lights installed which work with a solar cell to activate them during the night and have motion detectors built in.
Hide your expensive jewellery while travelling.
Holiday cancellation cover is very important - check the working of the refunds.
If there is delay of over 12 hours the policy may compensate and make sure that your lost baggage is covered - take notes of items
in the baggage and photographs.
If you cause damage to a third-party property or otherwise, check that you are covered for personal liability.
If you have pre-existing medical condition, HIV / aids tell the insurer.
If you are refused your claim:
- appeal first giving any additional information.
- as a last resort contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.
If your have a claim to make when you get back from your holidays:
- Read the travel insurance policy.
- Read the claims procedure.
- Make a copy of all paperwork.
- Make a copy of medical certificates.
- Make a copy of police reports.
- Make a copy of receipts.
In case of a robbery or lost property ensure that you have enough cover.
Increasing the voluntary excess may reduce the premium.
Internet purchasing may be more economical.
Keep photographs of your valuables.
Keep receipts of your valuables.
Keep your passports, valuable and money with you at all times or hand luggage or in the hotel safe.
Leave ten days to receive your European Health Insurance Card and this normally gives free treatment in Europe.
Make certain the policy covers what you will be doing on your holiday.
Make sure that cover includes for:
- Theft from roof-racks.
- Lack of snow.
- Lack of ski lifts.
- Against off-piste skiing.
- Against tobogganing.
Make sure that passports and visas are current.
Make sure that vaccinations having been carried out by your doctor for your destination.
Make sure that you have considered the excess.
Make sure the policy has 24-hour assistance and keep the travel insurance documents with you at all times or in a safe place at the hotel.
travel insurance Obtain a few quotations and insure that terrorism cover is included.
Once you receive your documents make sure that everything is covered and make certain that you can cancel within 14 days or
another similar period.
Photograph your valuables and keep a list of all serial numbers and use invisible markers. Keep them on a memory stick or in a secure location on the internet.
Policy documents should be copied and put in a safe place in your hand luggage.
Read the claims procedure.
Read the full travel policy on the internet or paper to get an understanding of the terms of insurance in your own time and
make notes.
Read the travel policy carefully as all travel policies are not the same.
Single holiday premiums are more expensive if going on many trips in a year.
Small cheaper cars may have smaller insurance premiums when hiring a car abroad.
Some money should be carried by means of a money belt and some left in the hotel safe.
Take a small first aid kit and some inspect cream/ repellent.
Take credit cards and write down the emergency cancellation numbers.
Take out insurance for motoring assistance to cover:
-Car breakdown.
-Car recovery.
-Hotel bills.
-Legal costs.
-Bringing the car back to the UK.
Take plenty of sun cream and hats. Keep a small bottle of freshwater with you at all times.
Take small amount of cash.
Take travellers cheques.
Travel insurance comes in many options:
- Pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance.
- Gap year travel insurance.
- Pensioner travel insurance.
- Group and family travel insurance.
Travel insurance may help with illness, injury, lost baggage, missed flights, trains, ferries etc. The cover should be £1m for Europe and £2m for other countries.
What may be an acceptable level of cover:
- £value lost or stolen cash
- £value lost or missing baggage
- £value cancellation due to no fault of your own
- £value million medical cover in case of sickness and accidents
- £value million personal liability for damage to third party property
Ask the travel agent what £value should be and ensure that it covers your needs or your group needs.
When you book your holiday ensure that you have travel insurance to cover delays and cancellations.
Write down all emergency numbers that you may need.
Travel insurance is more transparent on the internet and check if you are covered for cancellations, legal liability, lost luggage, personal liability, activity cover and pre-existing and future medical cover.

21 Van Insurance Tips

Excellent driving experience may result in lower premiums.
Fit a good quality alarm.
Get quotes for different level of voluntary excess.
It is important to have a few years worth of No-Claims Bonus..
Pay you premium in a lump sum annually.
Storage of expensive equipment in a van overnight is not recommended.
The storage of your van may have a bearing on the premium - in the garage, yard or off-street.
The total mileage travelled may effect the premium.
The van should only be used for business purposes.
Fit a tracking device to your van.
Think about having an estate car instead of a van.
Use your personal car for home use and your van for business use only.

22 Warranty Insurance Tips

Do not take out product warranties with high street electrical stores instead look at your contents insurance provide for new for old or search for a specialist on the internet

23 Young Driver Insurance Tips

Add an older person to your policy.
Take a Pass Plus course.
Avoid claiming if you can to develop a no claims period.
Install an approved alarm.
Do not modify your car.
Park your car on the drive or in a garage.
Pay a slightly higher voluntary excess to lower your premiums


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