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Sam Friedman (Editor-in-Chief, National Underwriter, Property & Casualty Edition) gives expert video advice on:


What is "life insurance"?

How expensive is insurance?

What is "health insurance"?

What is insurable interest?

Are all deposits insured?

Are builders insured?

What is life insurance?

What is 'contents insurance'?

What is "casualty insurance"?

What is "property insurance"?

Do I need insurance?

What is "insurance coverage"?

What is National Insurance?

What is "insurance"?

What is "co-insurance"?

What is "disability insurance"?

What is "auto insurance"?

What is "gap insurance"?

What is "collision" insurance?

How do I get insurance?

What is an "insurance claim"?

What is an "insurance adjuster"?

Why do I need insurance?

What is "comprehensive coverage" insurance?

What is "car rental" insurance?

What does life insurance cover?

How do insurers prevent fraud?

What is an "insurance deductible"?

Do I need contents insurance?

What are "car insurance discounts"?

Do I need life insurance?

What is "business life insurance"?

What is "presumptive disability insurance"?

Do I need disability insurance?

What is "term life insurance"?

What is "universal life insurance"?

What is "whole life insurance"?

What's the difference between an "insurance agent" and an "insurance broker"?

What are the pros and cons of buying insurance directly from an insurance company?

How much insurance do I need?

What is "umbrella liability coverage" insurance?

What types of insurance are there?

When should I consider buying disability insurance?

How do I get life insurance?

Why do you need life insurance?

How do I pay National Insurance?

Do I need to get buildings insurance?

Where can I get life insurance?

What is an "insurance premium payment"?

How much insurance do I need?

How do the life insurance companies benefit?

Do insurance companies make a lot of money?

What will make me a greater risk to insurers?

How many life insurance quotes should I get?

Who oversees or governs insurance brokers and agents?

Is price all that matters when I'm buying insurance?

What are the basic types of disability insurance?

How does an insurance broker or agent get paid?

Why do I have to pay National Insurance?

How do I claim on a life insurance policy?

How do I determine how much disability insurance I need?

What are the other terms used to describe life insurance?


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