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iPhone Insurance

There are millions of mobile phones bought by the public annually. Some are cheap, while others are very expensive. Contract phones are generally not insured by the service provider and the owner of the handset will have to self insure through an insurance company or insurance broker. It makes sense to insure your expensive iphone, especially when it is well in demand.

If you purchase your insurance online, you will be able to get insured quickly. Some insurance providers are offering worldwide cover and one month of premiums free. Some insurance policies are quite expensive from the main stream phone providers and you could save money by using an online insurance broker. Some of these insurance policies include cover for water damage, fraudulent calls, theft and accidental damage. So you need to protect your very valuable and very desirable phones.

Can you do without phone insurance? The chances are that your phone may get damaged, dropped on the ground or in the toilet, become lost or be in the hands of a burglar. So depending on the value of your phone, it will be prudent to get it insured, whether it is cheap or expensive after taking into account the insurance excess and fraudulent call cover. If you are a student it may be insuring the phone with your home contents policy.

The ideal cover would be to have new for old. Some insurance companies may give an older version of your phone when you make a claim. Make sure your read the insurance policy carefully and the method of claiming your phone back if something happens to it. Some insurance providers will cover for fraudulent phone calls up to a maximum limit while others will not cover fraudulent phone calls.

If your phone is stolen, you will have to report it immediately to the police and the insurance provider. Make sure you read the small print and keep the police and service provider phone numbers handy. Also, try and backup your phone data at least once a week. The mobile phone number that you have needs to be easily transferable.

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