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Laptop computer Insurance Cover 

Laptop Insurance

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Internet Marketing: A Practical Approach by Alan Charlesworth (Paperback - 10 Feb 2009)

Wi-Fi Home Networking (TAB/ Mastering Electronics Series) by Raymond Smith (Paperback - 1 Mar 2003)

Laptop insurance

Laptop computer Insurance Cover 

Laptop Insurance gives peace of mind cover for the home, business, travel, students and offices. Laptop insurance policy protects against accidental damage, water damage and theft.


Laptop Insurance:

Laptops are common and are in general use by families and businesses - whether individuals, students, salespeople or just for leisure. It may be that your contents policy can cover insurance needed for your laptop against theft and accidental damage. The insurance market has individual laptop insurance policies which can be considered as an alternative.

Laptop Computer Insurance:

Since laptops are small and lightweight, they can be easily stolen from the car, the home, the business or from public places such as schools, shopping centres, hotels, railway stations, trains, planes and buses. The Ministry of Defence and various government departments have reported lost laptops recently. It is important that confidential data which is stored on laptops does not fall into the wrong hands.

Laptop Insurance Cover:

Insurance for your laptop can be essential when you are travelling abroad on business or holiday. The loss of a laptop abroad can certainly loose your data. As a precaution it may be essential to have your data uploaded to your business server or on a file loading service on the internet and can be offloaded when you get home or to work.

Memory flash drives are cheap and these could be used instead to hold your computer data. Some memory sticks have fingerprint security keys to protect your data. Make certain that you keep photographs of your laptop, it’s serial number, brand and mark it with security ink.

You will need to:

-Check accidental damage and theft is covered. If you take out extended warranties from the high street it may not include accidental damage and theft.

-Check what age from new the laptop needs to be before it can be insured.

-Check if all software and accessories are covered.

-Check if loss of data is covered.

-Check that it is an old for new policy.

-Check that it covers for water and flood damage.

-Check whether the annual policy will be cheaper rather than a monthly policy.

-Check the cancellation period.

-Check whether the policy has little or no excess. Try to have your claim paid with no deductions and that it is 100% the value of the laptop. There is usually an upper insurance limit and any extended costs of replacement above this limit will not be covered. Make certain the laptop is insured for your purchased invoice amount.

-Check the policy covers for travel away from your insured property.

-Check the policy covers for storage in the boot of the car.

-Check what period the laptop will covered for abroad that is 30 days or some other period.

-Check the shortest time it will take to have your laptop replaced. Will you get a replacement in a few days?

-Check that you are not entering a 12-month fixed contract.

-Check that you can cancel after a months’ notice.

-Check if there is rapid claims support.

-Check that you do not receive an inferior product. Make sure it is like for like/equivalent model. Complain if you receive a second-hand or sub-standard product.

-Check for repairs it can be picked up and dropped off free.

-Check for school insured laptops that all parents, pupils and teachers are covered.

-Check if there are any discounts for multiple products.

-Check the insurance provider will contact you after sending a claims form after a few hours.

-Check that any repairs by the insurance company comes with a year’s warranty.

-Check whether other family members or business staff can be covered for using the laptop.

-Check whether an age limit applies to companies or schools or higher education. Some insurance companies will not insure the equipment from new if it is 7,14,28,31days 3 months, 6months, 12 months, 18 months or 3 years old. Depending on the age of your laptop, repairs by the insurance provider may take longer as parts may not be available in time from the suppliers.

-Check whether the insurance company will make any deduction from your claim amount for administration fees, deliveries etc.

-Check whether the insurance includes free condition or health checks.

Carry out your research to find a policy considered to have all the elements that you need. Internet websites have easy to use quote systems and have full policy conditions on-line. Print these off and carefully make certain the policy suits your personal circumstances. If you find a better policy later, you may be able to cancel your existing policy to save.

If your are a student you will need to have cover while you are away at college or university. Some insurance providers have no-claims bonuses and gifts.

Household policies have excess to pay while specialist policies may not. In certain cases the insurance company will only cover the laptop if it is locked in the boot of the car or glove compartment and will not cover if left visible in the front of the car.

Buying Laptop Insurance:

Some insurance companies have exclusion clauses such as:

-Theft from unattended cars.

-Not locked in the boot

-Not locked in the glove compartment.

-Wear and tear.

-Fraud or dishonesty.

-Needs maintenance such as electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Laptop Insurance Claim:

Insurance companies will need a proof of purchase when you send in your claim, so it is important that you store all your invoices in a safe place. Purchases made from certain shops and auction sites may not be covered, so therefore check this before you take up your insurance.


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Laptop insurance

Laptop insurance

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