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Mobile Phone Insurance

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Mobile Phone Insurance

Is mobile phone insurance a waste of money? There has been a debate in the media industry that mobile phone insurance is not worth while for cheap phones and is essential for expensive or phones still on contract with the service provider. So the main reason for mobile phone insurance is that your phone contract does not cover you losing your phone and for anybody making fraudulent phone calls at your expense.

The best place to look for the ideal phone insurance policy is on the internet. Cover is available for phones which become broken, damaged, stolen with replacement with 48 hours by courier worldwide. There are competitive insurance deals to be had. One insurance provider is giving three months of free cover and no minimum contracts.

The industry suggestion is that phone insurance is ideal for expensive or contract phones and those phone under a hundred pounds can be self insured through a home contents policy. But there is no reason why cheap phones cannot be insured except that the excess could be a minimum of twenty five pounds and annual premiums could be an average of fifty pounds, in total approximately seventy five pounds. This could be the benchmark under which insurance could be useless but in the end, it’s the phone owner who should make up his/her mind.

When buying insurance consider the following:
• Can I add the phone to my contents policy?
• Can I obtain insurance cheaper online?
• Can I get all my gadgets insured under one policy?

Mobile phone insurance is available fro individuals and corporate businesses. They can insure single phones or multiple phones. The phone insurance features are normally:
• Accidental damage.
• Water damage.
• Theft cover.
• Fraudulent calls cover.

Even if you have taken out mobile phone insurance, it is best to take care of your phone:
• Keep it with you at all times when in public places.
• Do not use it openly while walking.
• Do not leave it unattended and in full view.
• Lock your phone with a code when not in use.


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