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Motorcycle Insurance

Motor cycle insurance is a legal requirement for those with motorbikes who travel on public roads. Mopeds and scooters will also need to be insured, any two wheeled motorised transport with a seat.

The best place to start looking for motorcycle, moped and scooter insurance is the internet unless you have an insurance broker already. Comparison websites enable you to compare up to twenty providers of insurance in a short time and enable savings in the region of fifty percent to be achieved.

When investigating premiums for motorcycle insurance, you will need to give details of:
• Any convictions
• Any accidents
• Any previous claims or claims pending
• No claims bonus information
• Your age and gender
• Age of the motorcycle, type and its value
• Where you live
• Whether you want to ride other motorcycles
• Inclusion of breakdown cover and recovery
• Legal expenses cover
• Liability cover for third parties
• Type of cover such as comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only
• Amount of excess you can afford
• Where the motorcycle is kept at night time, in a locked brick garage or outside

Whether you give these details on the internet or the phone, make sure that the insurance company is not adding in any extras that you do not need.
Where the motorcycle is locked or stored at night time, it is vital that it is stored in a fixed solid brick or concrete building, otherwise your premium will go up. The insurance company prefer brick built structures and not pre-fabricated ones.

Money saving Tips for Motorbike Insurance

  • Annual payments are better than monthly direct debit.
  • Ask about legal expenses cover.
  • Ask the broker if any increase in excess may lower the premium.
  • At the end of the annual insurance get some comparable quotations, do not always renew with your existing insurance provider.
  • A Bikesafe course may reduce your premium, ask the broker.
  • Carefully read the insurance policy before taking up the insurance policy.
  • Chain you bike to something heavy or around a pillar or column.
  • Check out the differences between - comprehensive cover.
    - third-party fire and theft.
    - third-party only.
  • Check whether you have 'riding other motorcycles' cover.
  • Check whether you have 'Road Traffic Act cover'.
    Check whether the motorbike may be covered while it is parked away from the owners premises.
  • Consider finishing a 'advance rider training course'.
  • Increase your motor bike riding experience.
  • Find a specialist motor bike broker.
  • Obtain a few motor bike insurance quotations and read the policies.
  • Obtain additional insurance protection for your no claims discount and have it added to your policy.
  • Obtain quotes for different levels of excess.
  • Have an approved alarm fitted and tell the broker that you have an immobiliser fitted as well.
  • Having a few years of no-claims bonus may save money.
  • If the motor bike is cheap, consider third-party insurance.
  • If you are travelling abroad tell you broker.
    Invest into personal accident cover.
  • Invest into breakdown cover.
  • Keep in locked garage or off-road.
  • Tell the broker how many years you have been riding.
  • Low mileage riding may save money.
  • Make sure that your policy comes with free legal cover or low priced legal cover.
  • Check and see if a temporary replacement motorbike is included in the policy.
  • Pay annually rather than monthly to save on your premiums.
  • Storing in a garage may save money.
  • Tell the broker about all modifications to the motorbike.
  • Tell the broker how much mileage you do as lower mileage may result in a lower premium.
  • Tell the broker where the motorbike is stored,
  • hich my also lead to a better premium.
  • The size of the motor bike engine may have a direct effect on the premium.
  • Use only named drivers.
    Whether you are married or have a partner may affect the premium.


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