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UK Insurance directory  - Our Income

Our money and fees are earned through sponsored advertising.  Also, when website users click on certain advertising, we are paid by our sponsors for each click on the advertisement or hyperlink. As Journalist's, we do no more than introduce our website visitors to affiliate marketing companies (therefore, FSA authorisation is not required). We provide information to website users on an incidental basis. Our insurance selling activities are limited to providing information which is incidental to out main profession as Jounalists.

This web site is a news and generic information journal/links directory and does not have any direct payment contracts with our website users. All information on this website is based upon journalistic research. Our main profession or business is Journalism.

- the mere display of information about an insurance policy is not a regulated activity.
- we do not give advice about or recommend a specific insurance policy.
- we do not send any claim forms or handle any claims.
- our insurance selling activities are limited to providing information.
- we do not carry out any insurance administration activities.
- providing insurance information is incidental to our main profession or business.

For example, a Journalist would be able to rely on the FSA exclusion to give their website users information about a specific kind of insurance or contact details of a insurance provider without needing to become FSA authorised. As Jounalist's, we can rely on this FSA exclusion even if we receive a fee from our affiliate marketing sponsors for introducing our website visitors to them.


We as Introducers must not:
1. Do anymore other than necessary to effect the introduction, which happens via this website.
2. Complete any forms on behalf of anyone.
3. Ask the client any direct questions.
4. Handle client money.

For example, as a ‘introducer appointed representative’, we are not able to sell insurance, but can only direct customers to an authorised seller. We can effect introductions between customers and the firm (FSA Authorised business) and distribute advertisements. FSA PIA Regulatory Update 51- Arranging deals in Investment : the Financial Services Act 1986.

We do not provide any:

• Advice on investments.
• Lead website users to buy, sell and subscribe for or underwrite securities or contractually based investments.
• Materials that consists of generic buy or sell recommendations, corporate brochures or invitations to invest in particular products or with a particular broker or fund manager.
• Forms that enable website users to carry out relevant transactions.

In the FSA’s view, material will not lead or enable a person to engage in relevant transaction where the material is intended merely to raise people’s awareness of matters relating to securities or contractually based investments.

In the FSA’s view, the presence on a host publication or service of a hypertext link which is only the name or logo of another website is unlikely itself to indicate that a purpose of the host website is to lead to relevant transactions (or enable them to be entered into).

An introduction to an IFA will not constitute arranging investment business on the condition that: the introduction is made with a view to the provision of independent advice.

All our introductions are made with a view to the provision of independent financial advice from an IFA. We do not provide independent advice. we do no more than introduce website users to affiliate agents.

In line with FSA regulations, we only operate as affiliates and must not provide advice but simply introduce potential clients to affiliate marketing companies. does not sell any products directly to website users and we use affiliate links to earn money when the website user clicks on links which may result in a commission for this website. Our income is earned from affiliations with, for example,,, Google Adsense and, etc.

The Federal Trade Commission requires us to disclose to you when we endorse a product or service and have a "material connection" to a seller. FTC guidelines are available online. (Specifically, look at § 255.5, beginning on page 75.)


Last updated 22 September 2011