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Ski Insurance

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Ski North America: The Ultimate Travel Guide by David Holyoak (Paperback - 15 Sep 2003)

Go Ski by Warren Smith (Paperback - 2 Nov 2006)

Inner Skiing by Gallwey (Paperback - 1 Oct 1998)

All-Mountain Skier: The Way to Expert Skiing by R. Mark Elling (Paperback - 1 Oct 2002)

Ultimate Skiing: Master the Techniques of Great Skiing by Ron LeMaster (Paperback - 1 Oct 2009)

Bluffer's Guide: Skiing by Oval Books (Paperback - 1 Mar 2009)

Ski-ing (Pocket Dictionary) by Henry Beard and Roy McKie (Paperback - 27 Dec 2002)

The New Guide to Skiing: A Step-by-step Guide in Color by M Heckelman (Paperback - 25 April 2001)

Footprint Handbooks Skiing Europe: Tread Your Own Path by Matt Barr and Gabriella Le Breton (Paperback - 30 Nov 2008)

Two Planks and a Passion: The Dramatic History of Skiing by Roland Huntford (Hardcover - 29 Sep 2008)

White Heat: The Extreme Skiing Life by Wayne Johnson (Paperback - 2 Feb 2009)




Ski Insurance

Ski insurance is also classed as ski travel or sports insurance. On the internet ski travel cover is readily available, being comprehensive, competitively priced and flexible to meet your needs as covered by the insurance policy terms. Ski insurance is also classified as winter sports travel insurance. Another insurance broker is able to offer up to sixty percent discount, while children under eighteen are covered free.

For those who go on regular ski holidays throughout the year, there are annual policies available. There is insurance cover for weekly strips, snowboarding holidays and for seasonal workers. Skiing is truly a great winter sports holiday and insurance can be bought to cover off piste skiing.  Insurance is also available for backpackers and long stay ski holidays and mountain sports. You will also need to consider medical emergency repatriation for skiers, cover for your luggage and ski equipment.

Normal holiday insurance may not normally cover for winter sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding. So the insurance market place has specialist skiing and snowboarding insurance as the chance of getting injured is much higher requiring emergency rescue and health care. The cover you will obtain with ski insurance will enable you to be repatriated to your home country. The ski insurance should help in covering your own or hired equipment, just in case it gets damaged or stolen.

There are comparative insurance websites that will enable you to choose the right cover for yourself and your group. Obtaining the correct level of cover is important and should be checked with your holiday provider. Take up insurance with a well respected company or supermarket, look at the features first and then the premium costs. Lower premium policies may have exclusions and be a total waste of time.

Make certain:
• You have a list of emergency contact details.
• Check that mountain rescue is covered.
• Check the policy has liability cover and protection just in case you have an accident with another person or property.
• Check that you are covered for other winter activities such as sledging, racing, walking on iced up water courses or rivers.
• In the case of an emergency or bad weather, make certain your policy includes for the cost of extra hotel rentals and any extra travelling costs involved.

Money saving Tips for Ski Insurance

  • A minimum cover of £2000 should be allowed for loss of baggage and other valuables.
  • A minimum cover of £2m should be allowed for medical emergencies and personal liability.
  • Ask for an explanation of off-piste and going into an off-piste area accidentally.
    Ask if the policy covers for delays and what delays are covered.
  • Check if the policy covers any fun activities.
  • Ensure that your children's school has insurance cover.
  • Evacuation insurance is critical.
  • Make a list of activities you or your group may be doing and make sure these are covered by your holiday insurance policy.
  • Make certain that the policy cover for travelling above certain altitude.
    Make certain that your policy covers for legal expenses.
  • Make sure the correct duration of the policy is chosen such as days, weeks, months or annual.
  • Some insurance policies may not payout if there is extreme adverse weather conditions or acts of god.
  • Take out a minimum of £2m personal liability cover.
  • When you are abroad for a long period, make certain that your compensation limit matches.
  • Where the policy is annually based, a home visit must be made
    within 12 months, this should be checked with the passport office.
  • Check whether some activities need a guide.


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