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Vehicle Insurance

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Car Insurance:
Auto Insurance



Driver CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers 2009 by Driving Standards Agency (Great Britain) (Paperback - 31 Mar 2009)

Tanks & Armoured Fighting Vehicles - Visual Encyclopedia by Various (Hardcover - 30 April 2010)

Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by William F. Milliken and Douglas L. Milliken (Hardcover - 1 Dec 1994)

"Standard Catalog of" German Military Vehicles by David Doyle (Paperback - 24 Jun 2005)

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is mandatory by law if your vehicle will be anywhere on the public highways. The police can stop you or fine you for not having insurance for your vehicle. You may also be banned from driving by the court.

There are many online insurance companies and brokers offering vehicle insurance. One insurance company is offering fifty two days of free cover annually. While some insurance brokers can provide insurance quotes from as much as one hundred leading UK insurance providers. So you can compare car, van, taxi and other commercial vehicle insurance. Some insurance policy providers will let you have a free courtesy vehicle, if your car or van is unable to be used due to an accident. When you are running a busy business, it can be smart to have a local insurance broker who can administer your insurance needs. Some insurance brokers have become specialists for insuring commercial vehicles such as lorries and vans. Insurance is also available for classic cars and other historic vehicles.

 I you are a building contractor with lots of yellow painted plant such as bull dozers, rollers, excavators, etc., these can be insured using specialist insurance brokers. Normally the hirer of the vehicle has to insure for any damage.

The premium you pay is dependent upon:
• Model of vehicle
• Age of vehicle
• Drivers age
• Driver being male or female
• What the vehicle will be used for – private or business.

The type of cover available is normally:
• Comprehensive
• Third party – including fire and theft
• Third party only

The insurance may provide the following cover, if unfortunately you are involved in an accident:
• Hire vehicle
• Medical costs – yours and the third parties
• Transportation and recovery costs
• Courtesy car until your car is repaired.
• Full repairs to your car
• Damage to third party property
• The market value of your car if your car is unrepairable
• Repair or replacement costs of other damaged vehicles
• Compensation for personal injury
If the accident was not your fault the other party will have to pay all costs.


Money saving Tips for Vehicle Insurance

•    Add a woman to the policy – women are considered to be safe drivers.
•    Add a person who has already being driving for a while to the insurance policy.
•    Add an older person to your policy.
•    Always make your children wear their seat belts.
•    Always wear your seat belts front and rear.
•    Annual payment of premiums works out cheaper.
•    Any changes to your insurance policy - name, address, modifications and where the vehicle is parked - must be reported to the broker immediately; otherwise there is the possibility that a claim may not be paid.
•    Ask your credit card company what is covered when renting a car in terms of insurance.
•    Ask your insurance provider as to what is exactly covered if renting a car.
•    Be honest and don't get blacklisted.
•    Buying a cheap car may result in lower premiums.
•    Buying a one-year or two-year-old car is a lot more economical as most of the negative equity has occurred already.
•    Check that a courtesy car is included, if your car is in for repairs.
•    Check which insurance group from 1 to 20 your car is in.
•    Choices of cover for your car are:
-    Third Party only.
-    Third Party fire and theft.
-    Comprehensive.
•    Choose a car with less CO2 emissions.
•    Combine car insurance with contents or home insurance to save.
•    Complete a Pass Plus test.
•    Do not eat or drink while driving.
•    Do not have too many young drivers on your insurance policy under the age of 25.
•    Do not modify your car as this may increase the cover required.
•    Don't claim for rather minor items.
•    Drinking alcohol and driving is not recommended.
•    Engine capacity may affect your premiums.
•    Ensure your car has an insurance industry recommended security device fitted.
•    Fitting special and expensive wheels may increase theft.
•    For expensive cars, fit a tracker device.
•    Fuel consumption may be a lot better if your drive below the legal road limits.
•    Get a quotation for protected bonus scheme as this may save on your premiums.
•    Get different quotes for voluntary excess.
•    Have all car equipment professionally installed.
•    Have less named drivers on your policy, it may save you money.
•    Have you or your partner named on the policy only.
•    High performance cars have higher premiums and an increased chance of theft.
•    If you are using the car for business use, make certain that it is covered.
•    If you do not need legal expenses cover or replacement car cover - don't take it up.
•    If you drive another car tell the broker.
•    If you have a low value car, it may be reasonable to insure it for third-party insurance only.
•    If you have more than one car ask, the broker to give you the same no claims discount.
•    Insurance companies tend to charge much more, if modifications have been made.
•    It is better to have a driving license at an early age and may lower your premiums if you have enough years of driving experience.
•    Less powerful cars are easier to insure.
•    Low annual mileage may result in lower premiums and the tell the broker your estimate of annual mileage and say add 15% more as you do not want the mileage to be  exceeded - you may not get paid.
•    Make sure that you are not already covered for driving a hire vehicle as part of your insurance policy.
•    Make sure you have enough driving experience.
•    Middle lanes on the motorway are for overtaking.
•    Modified cars have higher insurance premiums and an increased chance of theft.
•    Naming drivers under 25 on your policy may increase the premium, so try to avoid this.
•    No-claims bonus amount – get it right, and make sure you have proof of it when you go to your next insurance company.
•    Not using the air-conditioning can save money.
•    Obtain a number of quotes and a re-quote if renewing annually.
•    Off-road parking or in lockable garage may save money.
•    Optionally, if you agree to a higher excess the premium may be cheaper.
•    Pay annually.
•    Search the internet for those giving special student discounts for car insurance.
•    See if you can get a low mileage discount.
•    Some clubs, professional bodies have special discounts.
•    Some high performance cars and modified cars may not be able to be insured.
•    Some imported cars may carry higher premiums.
•    Speeding tickets and points on your license may affect your premium.
•    State your no claims years when getting a car insurance policy.
•    Taking a Pass Plus training course can save premium money.
•    Talking on a mobile is a hazard.
•    Tell the broker about all modifications and list them all-out.
•    Tell the broker honestly if your car may be parked on the road in some occasions or all the time.
•    Tell the broker how the car is being used personal, two driver, multidriver or business.
•    Tell the broker that who you are living with.
•    Tell the broker where your car may be parked:
-    on road.
-    off-road.
-    locked garage.
•    Tell the insurance broker about any alarms.
•    Tell the insurance broker of immobilizers.
•    Tell the insurer of any existing medical conditions.
•    Tell your broker of any driving convictions and points.
•    Tell your broker of any outstanding claims.
•    Thatcham 1 or 2 are the preferred car alarm systems.
•    The correct value of your car should be stated and ask the broker how this should be worked out.
•    The status of marriage or living with a partner can influence your policy premiums.
•    There are normally savings on the insurance premium to be made for those have Advanced Driving qualifications.
•    There may be discounts for older drivers.
•    Try the internet comparison sites.
•    Using your mobile phone while driving is dangerous.
•    When going abroad take with you your Green Card, passport, warning triangle, tools, registration documents, insurance certificate, tow rope, high visibility waist coat and first aid kit.
•    When tired have a reasonable break and something to eat/drink.
•    Women may obtain a better premium.
•    Your type of work or job may affect your premium.


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